What Should I Know About Pre- And Post-Surgical Rehab

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Pre- And Post-Surgical Rehab

Do you have an upcoming surgery? The experts at ProActive Physiotherapy in Edmonton, AB know how stressful this time can be. It’s difficult to know what to anticipate. We have found that our patients have much faster recovery times when they participate in pre-and post-surgical rehab.

Your Rehab Plan

Any form of surgery can be traumatic. It puts stress on your body and can have an impact on your health. We recommend consulting with one of our Edmonton, AB physiotherapists before your surgery so that we can formulate a plan to make your recovery easier. Individualized post-surgical rehab plans with one of our expert physiotherapists will reduce your chance of complications. These include muscle weakness, scar tissue, decreased function, and blood clots.

What Should I Expect?

Physical therapy after surgery may be uncomfortable at times. You wont feel pain during physiotherapy. It is recommended to begin working on the affected area after a set amount of healing time. Talk to your doctor about what healing time they recommend. Our physiotherapists will guide you through physiotherapy exercises during your appointments. They will also show you easy exercises that you can do at home in between your appointments.

Will My Insurance Cover the Costs of My Rehab?

ProActive Physiotherapy uses a direct billing system. We can tell you if your health benefit plan covers pre-and post-surgery physiotherapy. Many major insurance companies do have coverage for post-op recovery. We suggest contacting your insurance provider before surgery to find out the details of your insurance package.

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Start on Your Pre-and Post-Surgical Rehab Today

Contact ProActive Physiotherapy as soon as your know your upcoming surgery date. Our Edmonton, AB physiotherapists will formulate a plan to make your recovery go as smoothly as possible. We will have you feeling better and back to your regular self as quickly as possible. Call ProActive Physiotherapy today to set up a consultation so that you can feel better faster!

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