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A woman suffering from neck pain after a motor vehicle accident. Nov23rd 2022

What is Whiplash Injury?

Whiplash is a very common car accident injury. Many people suffer from this injury after the vehicle that they are traveling in has been rear-ended. This condition occurs when a sudden movement causes your neck and your upper spine to move suddenly. This sudden movement places a great deal of strain on your neck muscles

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A couple walking along a river pathway. Nov10th 2022

What is Sciatica?

Do you wake up with a sore back? Or do you avoid activities because you’re afraid that they will cause back pain? ProActive Physiotherapy in Edmonton, AB can help! You may be suffering from sciatica. Our expert physiotherapists can assess you and create a customized Sciatica treatment plan to help you to overcome sciatic nerve

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Find Relief From Tennis & Golfer's Elbow as well as shoulder pain. Oct12th 2022

Do You Suffer from Shoulder Pain?

Many of us have experienced shoulder pain at one point or another. It can occur when we reach for something on a high shelf, roll over in bed, or sit hunched over a keyboard at work. It may begin after having an injury or a surgical procedure. The level of pain can vary between a

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