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neck pain treatment May22nd 2024

Neck Pain Treatment – Is Physiotherapy Really Good for your Neck Pain?

Do you know that globally out of every 10 people, 5 face the issue of neck pain? No doubt, our modern lifestyle contributes a lot in developing a neck or spinal cord issue. Working long hours on computers, peeping into the smartphones or other daily hectic routines have become one of the main reason for

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shoulder pain treatment Apr26th 2024

Know Some Common Causes of your Shoulder Pain – When Should You Go for Shoulder Pain Treatment?

Shoulder pain is becoming very common now days, isn’t it? Every 1 out of 3 persons complain about shoulder pain. But, shouldn’t we worry about it? Pain can be very minimum, but we should never overlook it, and seek medical attention for a perfect shoulder pain treatment therapy. In some cases, people not even know

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Chronic Back Pain sciatica treatment South Edmonton Mar26th 2024

Lifestyle Adjustments for Managing Sciatica: Tips from ProActive Sports Physiotherapy

Living with chronic back pain, particularly sciatica, can significantly impact one’s quality of life. The shooting pain, tingling sensations, and dullness characteristic of sciatica can make even simple tasks look discouraging. However, there’s hope for relief through a combination of proper treatment and lifestyle adjustments. At Proactive Sports Physiotherapy in South & West Edmonton, we

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