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Physiotherapist manipulates hurt leg. Nov10th 2021

Physician or Physiotherapist for a Work Injury?

Physician or Physiotherapist? If you are seriously injured, whether it is at work, during sports, or anywhere else, make sure you visit the emergency room immediately. If the injury is less serious you may want to visit your family physician or walk-in clinic to have the injury evaluated. What Does a Physician Do? Physicians diagnose

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What to do if you have a work injury Oct24th 2021

Work Injury? Here’s What To Do

Hurt at Work? Here’s What To Do: 1. Inform yourself about WCB Alberta Get in the know and check out the WCB Alberta website to learn more about your work injury options and what you need to do. 2. Tell your boss. If you can’t work after the injury and you need to treatment beyond

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Keep Yourself Healthy by Staying Active! Oct20th 2021

Keep Yourself Healthy by Staying Active!

Improve Your Health by Enhancing Your Physical Activity! Have you been good about staying active? Let’s face it, sometimes it can be really hard for us to slow down and take it easy. We all just want to get as much done during the day as possible! However, it’s time that we become a bit

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