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Advanced Sports Physiotherapy

A sport is more than a hobby or a livelihood. For many, it’s a way of life and a passion. Our Advanced Sports Physiotherapy in South Edmonton and West Edmonton help athletes at all stages, from the enthusiastic runner to the champion competitor, maximize their abilities.

Achieving Your Best

Our Advanced Sports Physiotherapy in Edmonton is about more than recovery from injury. We tailor programs to you and your sport so you can achieve your best. That means healing from sprains, fractures, or repetitive motion injuries. We will leverage our advanced technology and processes to push your body to new limits and become even more competitive. Our expert physiotherapists will analyze your strength, range of motion, and gait. We will discover which areas will improve your performance. ProActive Physiotherapy also has preventative sports physio programs so you can get stronger and faster with less chance of injury.

Customized Programs

Using a combination of proven techniques and technology, the sports physiotherapy program you embark on with us is completely unique. It starts with us gaining a deep understanding of not only you and your sport of choice, but what drives you to meet your goals on the field, track, rink, ring, or ski hill. Whether you are looking to heal from a sports injury, boost your performance or Injury Prevention, ProActive Physiotherapy will deliver results.

Technology and Techniques

We use a combination of technology, exercise equipment, and techniques (such as massage, IMS, and acupuncture) to achieve your desired results. Sports are complex activities; therefore, so is your ProActive Physiotherapy action plan! In addition to in-clinic treatments, we provide exercises you can do on your own in your home and gym to continue to improve your recovery rate and performance. We demonstrate each activity in our clinic, working with you to ensure you understand the moves and can perform them effectively on your own. As your progress improves, we adjust your program, ensuring your treatment keeps pace with you every step of the way.

Do I have to be injured to receive sports physiotherapy?

No. While we are a leading provider of advanced sports physiotherapy in Edmonton for injured athletes, we also provide programs designed to build your strength, flexibility, range of motion, and durability. Your program will include injury prevention exercises, which are important to any sport.

Do I have to be an athlete to benefit from advanced sports physiotherapy?

Whether you like to take daily walks or swims, or are an Olympic athlete, you are welcome in our South Edmonton clinic. You don’t have to be a competitor to get the benefits of sports physiotherapy. This is for anyone that is active and wants to get the most from their daily routine, as well as for those healing from sports injuries.

How is sports physiotherapy different from other forms of physiotherapy?

Did you know that in the medical field, sports medicine has its own distinction? It is a practice that evolved over time and gained a lot of traction in the late 20th century. Although there is some overlap among medical disciplines, sports medicine’s focus is on the physical care, advancement, recovery, and enhancement of athletes. Likewise, advanced sports physiotherapy is distinct from other types of physiotherapy. There is some overlap. IMS, for example, is a tool that helps release tight muscles and is used by athletes and non athletes alike. However, the programs we design for our sports physiotherapy patients in Edmonton have a singular focus – to return you to your sport stronger, faster, and in the best condition of your life. You’ll be amazed at how our physiotherapy programs can help you heal faster and improve dramatically in your sport.

How long does your sports physiotherapy program take?

That is completely dependent on your injury and/or goals. Sometimes just a few treatments are needed to improve an impacted area, other times an athlete will remain with us for months so he or she can continually assess and improve their performance. We discuss the length of your program during your assessment and consultation.

How do I get the Advanced Sports Physiotherapy in South Edmonton?

Call or book on our website. You can make a booking with us online in under two minutes! From the moment you walk in the door (after enjoying the free parking right outside our conveniently located clinic), you’ll see the ProActive Physiotherapy difference. Direct billing, trained and knowledgeable staff, a focus dedicated to you – these are standard with all of our programs. Contact us today to be at the top of your game.