At ProActive Physiotherapy we respect that your hard-earned dollars have a lot of ground to cover. This is why our fees reflect incredible value for each service, and why we offer the convenience of direct billing.

To see if the services you need are covered, simply call or visit our location with your plan and employee number. That’s it! We take it from there. We will look up your plan information and let you know if there is a co-pay or any documentation required. If your plan is an HSA (Health Spending Account), or one of the very few not in our system, we are happy to provide a receipt suitable for remittance submission.

We strive to make every part of your visit with us comfortable, affordable, and convenient. Don’t delay in receiving the most advanced physiotherapy care in Edmonton. We are here to help you move, feel and live better.


Initial Assessment and Treatment (Single Body Part): $110.00
Follow Up Treatment (Single Body Part): $90.00
Physio (more than one body part) Initial assessment : $140.00
Physio (more than one body part) Treatment: $110.00
WCB and MVA Injuries cover by WCB and Car insurance companies  As Per Protocols
Vestibular/Concussion/Dizziness Assessment:  $130.00
Vestibular/Concussion/Dizziness Treatment:  $100.00

Dry Needling/IMS/Acupuncture

Physio Initial Assessment and Treatment: $110.00
Physio Follow Up Treatment: $100.00

Massage Therapy

RELAXATION Massage 60 Minute: $100.00
DEEP TISSUE Massage 60 Minute: $110.00
Therapeutic Massage 45 Minute: $85.00
Relaxation/Deep Tissue Massage 90 Minute: $150.00

Custom Orthotics

Cost of orthotics varies depending on which kind of orthotics you choose or require. Please contact us for more details about our fees. Please also feel free to contact ProActive Physiotherapy to request an appointment at our locations in South Edmonton and our other location in West Edmonton!