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Manual Therapy

How Can Manual Therapy Help Relieve Your Pain?

Have you recently been injured or undergone a surgical procedure? Do you feel pain and discomfort? You might be at a loss for what direction you should turn to for relief. Chances are that manual physiotherapy could help you out! Our experts will teach you about the benefits of manual therapy! 

Many of our first-time physiotherapy patients come to their initial appointment thinking “This is going to be even more painful than my current condition.” That is not the case at all! Our Edmonton, AB physiotherapists have tools and treatment techniques that will reduce or even relieve your pain. Our physiotherapists will simultaneously improve your body’s function.

What can manual therapy do for me?

Manual therapy is just one of many forms of therapy a physiotherapist can use to mobilize soft tissues and joints. This treatment helps to reduce inflammation. It will also help to decrease restrictions and to increase your range of motion. Our physiotherapists at ProActive Physiotherapy have all received extensive education and training in manual therapy techniques. They will create a customized treatment plan for you and your specific needs.

Different kinds of manual therapy

Manual physiotherapy techniques may include, but are not limited to:

Soft Tissue Massage

Do you enjoy having a massage at a spa? Certain manual therapy treatments include a massage! However, physiotherapy massages are a bit different than the ones you might find at a resort. These massages are therapeutic and have a medical intention. Our Edmonton, AB physiotherapists use massage treatments to break up scar tissue and adhesions caused by inflammation or injury. We will do this by using rhythmic stretching and deep pressure.  Equally important, they will find and mobilize restricted parts of your body that might be causing significant pain. Similarly, these techniques also assist with improving blood flow and circulation to the affected muscles and soft tissues. 


If you have a restricted joint as a result of receiving an injury, there is no question you have probably felt severe pain. Our expert physiotherapists know the best mobilization techniques. These techniques will restore restricted joints by applying pressure. These techniques are effective, painless, and safe. Consequently, your range of motion will increase. Therefore, the restricted joint’s mobility will improve. 

Manual traction

With manual traction techniques, our physiotherapists will apply gentle pressure to a certain area of the body to stretch out and relax the soft tissues. This will rehabilitate natural movement. Accordingly, our physiotherapist will apply manual traction to the neck (this is the most common area). They will also use manual traction on other parts of the body. This includes the arms, back, and legs.

Is manual therapy safe?

Yes, manual therapy is safe and non-invasive. It does not require you to have expensive surgeries or take harmful, possibly addictive medications. Our physiotherapists will use many different modalities and techniques to help move your joints, ligaments, and tendons. This will promote healing and soothe the pain. Similarly, these procedures will also reduce scar tissue and minimize inflammation.

Our Edmonton, AB physiotherapists are extensively trained medical professionals. They will recognize the limitations of your body but also appreciate its capabilities. In conclusion, it is very common for patients to notice better functionality and improvements after just one manual therapy appointment.

Will manual therapy be a part of my care plan?

As previously stated, the physiotherapists in Edmonton, AB are professionally trained to diagnose and treat movement disorders and pain conditions. These disorders can often happen after a patient has surgery. For example, a patient who has undergone total joint replacement should make an appointment with a physiotherapist. The physiotherapist will make sure they have a safe, smooth recovery! In addition, they will help the patient to get back to their former lifestyle!

 Physicians will refer patients to a physiotherapist. Injured patients need physiotherapy.  In addition, patients will need physiotherapy if they have been in a car accident, or diagnosed with a specific illness. If you are feeling physically weak and are not able to function properly, you should see a physiotherapist. 

 Your specific treatment plan will likely include multiple kinds of therapy. These are aimed at helping certain parts of your body function as normal. For instance, some exercises may focus on improving your strength and balance. Some exercises will increase your range of motion. Therefore, manual therapy is a critical part of any treatment plan. It greatly helps to cut down on inflammation and swelling.

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