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Neuromusculoskeletal Screening

Neuromusculoskeletal Screening type is based on preventative medicine – determining and fixing the small issues before they turn into large ones.

The Neuromusculoskeletal Screening Process

ProActive’s neuromusculoskeletal screening assesses your full range of motion, strength and flexibility. We also take a look at your balance and posture while you move, measure your gait, and look for patterns in your mobility that could indicate an underlying problem.

The Benefits of Neuromusculoskeletal Screening

Chronic or long-term issues are easily missed or dismissed. They will start small and will grow. However, finding and solving those issue today could mean the difference between suffering from chronic neck pain, debilitating back pain, or other radiating types of pain that don’t conform to typical symptoms.

You screen for other diseases, so why not screen your neuromusculoskeletal systems as well? It’s easy and convenient for anyone looking for a local physiotherapist in the Duggan community to prevent future issues with pain by booking a screening today.

Who should get screened?

Everyone can benefit from a screening, but especially those that sit for long periods of time, experience tingling in their extremities, or has recently had a huge physical change (had a baby, gained or lost a large amount of weight, been in an accident, etc.).

However, being overly active can cause issues too! Athletes and runners stress their body – a screening helps identify small injuries and addresses them before they impact performance.

Those looking to be active by starting a regular workout routine are also prime candidates for screening. A medical professional will screen you. This is important before starting a new exercise or diet plan. This is to ensure that your body can handle the upcoming changes. Diet and exercise are good for your health, but every body is different and if you have an undiagnosed issue, some of the movements may not be appropriate for you.

What is the neuromusculoskeletal system?

Nerves, muscles, soft tissues, and bones make up the neuromusculoskeletal system.  Neuromusculoskeletal medicine examines and treats the relationships among them. Nerve damage (or another issue) in one area will affect another area (such as soft tissue). Complete treatment means addressing the main issues and their many side effects.

Is a compromised neuromusculoskeletal system the same as fibromyalgia?

While the two disorders share similar characteristics, fibromyalgia can also include non-restorative sleep, compromised mental health, frequent urination, and other symptoms not directly related to physical pain.

Are neuromusculoskeletal screenings covered by my insurance?

Not all private health benefit companies cover screenings. We offer direct billing and can look at your plan to let you know if your benefits cover this service.

How do I get the best Neuromusculoskeletal Screening in Edmonton?

ProActive is your local physiotherapist offering advanced physiotherapy services in Edmonton. Call or use the form on our website to book this or any other service. We are happy to help you be the best version of yourself.