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Your back pain may be caused by a herniated disk. May10th 2021

Could Your Back Pain be Caused by a Herniated Disc? Here’s What to Look For!

How do you know whether you have a herniated disc or it’s just good old back pain? One telltale sign can be where the pain is located. With a herniated disc, the pain is typically located in the lumbar spine. That’s the lower part of your backbone. The pain may radiate from the back to

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Physiotherapy can help you to get rid of you pain meds. Apr20th 2021

Constantly Needing Your Pain Meds Refilled? Talk to Your Doctor About How Physiotherapy Can Help You Ditch the Opioids!

Don’t Go Through Bottles of Pills — Go to Physiotherapy Another day, another trip to the pharmacy. This is the treadmill that many chronic pain sufferers find themselves walking, month after month and year after year. Prescription pain meds can only do so much to keep your suffering at bay. In the case of opioids,

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A physiotherapist helping a patient with pre and post-surgical rehab. Apr10th 2021

What Are the Benefits of Pre and Post-Surgical Rehab? Why You Should Consider Speaking with a Physiotherapist Before Your Upcoming Surgery

Pre and post-surgical rehab are often recommended for those having orthopedic surgery. These types of surgeries could include foot, ankle, knee, hip, wrist, hand, shoulder, neck, and spine surgeries. Rehab can, however, be beneficial for just about any type of surgical procedure. A physiotherapist can put together both a pre and post-surgical rehabilitation plan for

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