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Dry Needling and IMS Treatment South and West Edmonton Feb26th 2024

Pain-Free Living Starts Here: A study into Dry Needling at Proactive Sports Physio Therapy

In the hunt for of a pain-free life, individuals often explore various treatment options. Among these, Dry Needling and Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) have gained significant attention for their effectiveness in managing muscle and skeletal pain. At Proactive Sports Physio Therapy, located in both South and West Edmonton, these innovative treatments are transforming the lives of

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Car Accident Injury Physiotherapy in South Edmonton Feb5th 2024

Know the Benefits of Car Accident Injury Physiotherapy in South Edmonton

After a major or minor car accident, recovering from the injury pain or swelling is always the first priority. In these types of injuries, most of the physical injuries are not visible at the moment, but you will start feeling pain and swelling within couple of days. In simple terms, we can call it internal

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Nov18th 2023

Demystifying Physiotherapy: What to Expect During Treatment

Physiotherapy, often perceived as a realm of rehabilitation reserved for athletes or those recovering from surgery, is in fact a widely accessible form of healthcare benefiting a vast array of individuals. From managing chronic pain to improving mobility and function, physiotherapy encompasses a broad spectrum of techniques and approaches tailored to each individual’s unique needs.

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