IMS/Dry Needling in Edmonton – Everything you Need to Know

IMS in Edmonton Nov28th 2019

Many people confuse IMS or dry needling with acupuncture, but these are two very different treatments. As a leading provider of physiotherapy treatments in Edmonton, we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about this pain relief procedure.

What is IMS/Dry Needling?

Dry needling is known by several names, including intramuscular manual stimulation (hence, IMS), intramuscular needling, TDN, DN, and trigger point dry needling. It is a relatively new procedure having been practiced in Canada, Chile, Ireland, Spain, South Africa and the United Kingdom since the 80s, and arriving in the United States in 1984.

The treatment involves putting an acupuncture needle through the skin and muscle at the site of the patient’s pain. This activates the muscle to twitch and release, easing the pain of common aliments like low back pain, sciatica, chronic muscle pain, contracted or overly tight muscles, etc.

So…it’s acupuncture, right?

No! While IMS in Edmonton treatments use acupuncture needles, it is not the same treatment. Acupuncture is a very ancient procedure from the east that uses needles to direct and release the flow of energy in the body. IMS is a western-born technique used to combat pain due to abnormally tight muscles.

Does IMS hurt?

Since the needles used are the same as the very thin ones used for acupuncture, few patients feel the needle’s insertion. However, most feel the strange sensation of the twitch response that IMS gives. This twitch is a signal that the treatment is working, and it is felt as the muscles react to the stimuli. While it can feel odd and a bit disconcerting, it is not necessarily painful.  As you get your dry needling treatment in Edmonton, just remember to relax and breathe. The twitch response is far less uncomfortable than the pain you are having treated.

Why get dry needling in Edmonton? Why not just take muscle relaxants?

Dry needling is a proven treatment that does not rely on pharmaceutics. It can give you permanent or long-lasting relief from chronic pain without the side effects of medicinal relaxants. Some of the side effects of relaxants include drowsiness (not good for working or driving), weakness, dizzy spells, depression, and/or a drop in blood pressure.

Wouldn’t you prefer a long-lasting treatment without being worried about driving or your medication interacting with other pills you may be taking? With IMS’ proven ability as a powerful drug-free treatment, it’s no wonder why this procedure is rapidly growing in popularity.

How to get IMS in Edmonton

ProActive Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic is pleased to provide IMS in Edmonton in our advanced and leading south-side facility.

After consulting with you, we may recommend dry needling on its own or as part of a set of treatments that includes some of our other offering such as massage, exercise therapy, custom orthotics, etc. We welcome you whether or not you have a referral, if you have been in a recent accident and need pain relief, if you are unsure of why you are experiencing pain – whatever your reasons for visiting us, we are happy to see you. There is plenty of free parking outside and we direct bill where applicable, making visits to us as convenient as they are helpful.Contact us today to learn more about IMS in Edmonton, or any of the many other services we offer.