Most employees spend as much – if not more – time at work than they do at home, and for some, this increases their risk of injury on the job. Whether you are an office administrator with carpel tunnel syndrome or a labourer that has been in an equipment accident, our physiotherapy clinic in Edmonton is here for you. We are WCB Authorized Physiotherapy/Chiropractic Provider in South Edmonton.

Workplace Injuries on the Rise

Recent statistics from the Government of Alberta show the rate of workplace injury incidents has risen by 3.8% for lost time claims and 6.9% for disabling injuries. Surprisingly, the group increasingly at risk of being injured on the job is the public sector (followed by wholesale and retail).

A Broad Spectrum of Injuries

We tend to think of workplace injuries as something confined to dangerous jobs like agriculture and construction, but this is not always the case. Being provided with inadequate office equipment and overwork can lead to carpel tunnel syndrome and back strain in office employees. Automated equipment failure could lead to injuries on production lines, and even unmarked mopped floors could lead to slip and fall accidents.

Why Work Injury Rehabilitation and Functional Assessments are so Important

Hardworking Albertans suffer in more ways than one when they are forced to take time off work due to an injury. Even though many have short and long-term disability, the payments are often a fraction of one’s usual pay. On top of that is the physical pain and discomfort that comes with workplace injuries.  Getting back to work as quickly as possible is the objective, and with advanced physiotherapy tools and equipment, we can help you do just that.

How We Help

Using a multi-disciplined approach our trained physiotherapists assess the extent of your injuries and develop a personalized plan that gets you back to work faster. Our functional assessments look at your physical (musculoskeletal), cognitive (reasoning, clarity), and mental (traumatized, PTSD, anxiety) state to determine if you are ready to return to your position. We may recommend additional treatment such as counselling, if necessary, to help you recover as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Your Questions about Workplace Injury and Functional Assessment Answered

What are some of the most common workplace injuries regardless of sector?

The most common injuries stem from: overexertion/repetitive motion; being struck by, pushed against, or caught on an object/machinery; falling; being exposed to dangerous chemicals and substances; fleet/transportation accidents; sprains; burns; fractures; and dislocations.

Is my Treatment Covered Under the WCB benefits ?

If you have been Injured at work, the Worker’s Compensation Board of Alberta (WCB) covers the cost of any Physiotherapy treatment that is required if you attend one of the WCB Authorized Physiotherapy/Chiropractic Provider in South Edmonton . You can Book an Appointment with us to start your claim and then you can fill up your Claim Forms and send it to WCB for the Claim Processing.

What are the most common body parts that are injured?

Regardless of sector, the most common bodily areas affected are the back and spine, followed by upper and lower extremities, then followed by head injuries.

What causes these workplace injuries?

Surprisingly, machinery and fixtures are not the main culprit of workplace accidents. That role goes to people, plants, animals, and minerals.

How important is rehabilitation and functional assessments for workplace injuries?

It is vital. Even if you are feeling okay, having an assessment may reveal soft tissue damage or injuries that will manifest weeks or even months later. Physiotherapy ensures a faster and much safer return to work.

How do I find WCB Authorized Physiotherapy Provider in South Edmonton ?

We have caring physiotherapists that understand that accidents happen on the job. Simply contact us or visit WCB website to find the WCB Authorized Physiotherapy/Chiropractic Provider in South Edmonton . We work closely with your insurance company and provide direct billing to make your experience with us as efficient and convenient as possible.