Post surgical and fracture rehabilitation

Just because your surgery is finished, or your fractured bone has healed, doesn’t mean you’ve retained your pre surgical or pre fracture function. The impacted site often needs physiotherapy to return to a normal – or better – state.

The Impact of Surgery and Fractures

The body is a wonderful machine but as with all machines, it comes with a lot of moving parts – and it’s impossible to impact one part without impacting another. A broken bone, for example, also affects the soft tissue, nerves, and muscles in that area. Surgery means cutting through layers of skin, tissue and muscle to reach the organ. You will experience pain as you recover, and reduced mobility if a limb or digit has been immobilized for a long time with a cast.

Post-Op Care

It is normal for your doctor to have you come in for a post-op visit a few weeks or so after your surgery or cast removal. At this point your physician may recommend post-surgical or fracture rehabilitation, and as one of the leading physiotherapy clinics in Edmonton, that is where we come in. We have advanced equipment, modern techniques, and caring physiotherapists that work with you and the injury site to return normalcy and function. You don’t have to wait for a referral either. We welcome anyone that wants to recover with less pain and faster restoration of movement. Remember, incorrect movements (like forcing a healed finger to bend too quickly) could negatively impact your recovery. It’s important to get the guidance you need.

What to Expect From Post Surgical and Fracture Rehabilitation

To get you moving properly again after surgery or a fracture, we deploy a variety of techniques. Your personalized course of treatment may include but is not limited to massage or manipulation to loosen up stiffness in the area, exercise therapy to regain strength, and hydrotherapy to increase your range of motion and reduce pain.

Your Questions About Post Surgical and Fracture Rehabilitation Answered

Does my surgery/fracture require physiotherapy?

Any procedure of this nature benefits from post surgical physiotherapy, including but certainly not limited to hip or knee replacement, broken bones, heart surgery, repaired ACLs or MCLs, carpel tunnel syndrome, back surgery, and more.

Does post surgical and fracture rehabilitation hurt?

You may experience mild discomfort at times, but physiotherapy is not designed to hurt or cause you pain. The discomfort you feel outweighs the pain of the compromised area.

Is it safe to do exercise therapy after surgery?

After a set amount of healing time it is not only safe but recommended to rehab the affected area. Only work with licenced professionals to ensure your treatment is carried out in a safe manner.

Do I have to come in for several appointments?

Your course of treatment combines in-clinic visits with easy exercises you can also do at home.

Is post surgical and fracture rehabilitation covered by my insurance?

We direct bill, so with your plan and employee number we can quickly tell you if your health benefit plan covers this type of physiotherapy. Most major insurance companies do provide coverage for post-op recovery, and our fee schedule reflects high value for our clients that do not have coverage.

How do I get the best post surgical and fracture rehabilitation in Edmonton?

We are happy to accept referrals and self-directed appointments. As a leading physiotherapy clinic in south Edmonton, your restored mobility after surgery or a fracture is just a few steps away. Contact us today to learn more.