ProActive Physiotherapy is one of the highest rated clinics in Edmonton for general and sports physiotherapy. If you are looking for Best Physiotherapy Clinic/Service in South Edmonton then please visit one of our Edmonton Clinic Location.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a hands-on treatment that helps people of all ages restore and maintain their overall strength, function, movement, and wellbeing. A personalized care plan is created for every client, tailored to their individual needs, to help treat symptoms of illness, injury, or disability. Physiotherapy can be both preventative and rehabilitative.

A physiotherapist is a professional who specializes in the assessment and treatment of physical injury and dysfunction. They are trained to provide treatment for a variety of physical conditions including acute joint and muscle injuries, repetitive strain injuries, chronic pain disorders, post-surgical rehabilitation and sports injuries.

Your best physiotherapy clinic/service in South Edmonton begins with a comprehensive assessment at ProActive Physiotherapy to determine an action plan including short-term and long-term goals, prognosis for recovery, and type of treatment intervention.

Treatment sessions with one of our physiotherapists in Edmonton may include manual therapy, exercise prescription, electrotherapy (TENS, IFC, NMES muscle stimulation), therapeutic ultrasound, taping/bracing, education, dry needling/ IMS, and acupuncture).

Our exercise prescriptions consist of a custom program that is specifically developed for your needs. You will be handed a hard copy as well as a copy sent to your email upon request.

Your Physiotherapy Questions Answered:

Is physiotherapy right for me?

Yes. Our physiotherapists in Edmonton have the expertise to treat patients at any age and for any ailment. Since physiotherapy encompasses such a broad range of treatments and is completely customizable, we can accommodate the pro athlete recovering from an injury, the senior looking to increase range of motion, or the teenager that has been in a car accident. Consult with one of our Edmonton physiotherapists to see how a customized plan will improve your mobility and your life.

Does physiotherapy only treat limited movement?

No. Physiotherapy treats a very broad range of ailments, including but not limited to pain, fractures, TMJ, sprains, migraines, and post-op recovery. We also help athletes looking to improve in their sport by showing them movements to keep their joints and muscles at peak performance.

Are physiotherapists licenced?

Yes. It is illegal to practice physiotherapy in Canada without a licence. Every physiotherapist must register with the regulatory body in their province or territory and only when properly registered can they use the designation “PT.” Each province or territory may have additional protocols over and above the Canadian mandates.

Is physiotherapy covered by Alberta Health Services?

We do not offer Physiotherapy service under Alberta Health Care funding at ProActive Physiotherapy yet. If you live in Edmonton the physiotherapist must determine your eligibility for funding using criteria set out by AHS. It is not up to a doctor to determine your eligibility. Funding in other locations varies based on priority and resources. Always ask about AHS funding when booking an appointment. To find AHS-funded physiotherapy services in your area, visit Alberta Health Service’s website and search for “physiotherapy.”

Why should I get physiotherapy?

With direct billing and the very skilled therapists at ProActive, why should you suffer in pain or with limited mobility? You and your life have value. There is no need to live with compromised health when solutions are waiting for you. Don’t suffer needlessly.  Visit our clinic in the Duggan community of Edmonton so you can get moving and once again chase your hopes, dreams, kids, and future!

How do I find an expert physiotherapist in Edmonton?

Just call or use our website to book an appointment for general or sports physiotherapy in Edmonton. You don’t need a referral to enjoy the benefits of one of the highest rated advanced physiotherapy clinics in Edmonton. We also offer direct billing.